Employee Engagement Program  

Employee engagement, also called worker engagement, is a business management concept. An "engaged employee" is one who is fully involved in, and enthusiastic about their work, and thus will act in a way that furthers their organization's interests. According to Scarlett Surveys, "Employee Engagement is a measurable degree of an employee's positive or negative emotional attachment to their job, colleagues and organization which profoundly influences their willingness to learn and perform at work". Thus engagement is distinctively different from employee satisfaction, motivation and organisational culture In a highly competitive market for both customers and talented staff, employee engagement is the current Holy Grail. Many companies realise that maximum productivity doesn’t come from just a “satisfied” or “happy” employee. They know that the most productive and loyal employee is known as an engaged employee.

Employee engagement creates greater motivation within employees for the work they do and increases their commitment to the organisation. It is about creating an enthusiasm for their roles, their work and the organisation, and ensuring they are aligned with the values of the organisation, well informed and well integrated with their colleagues and the fabric or culture of the organisation.


Your people and your processes are most certainly the two critical differentiators that set you apart from your competitors. While structures and systems can counteract the efforts of the best people, it is equally true that a de-motivated and demoralized workforce can cause organizational failure, despite the best systems and processes It is the People who create future performance and results, in turn helping shape your organizational culture Needless to say, your People are the most crucial link to your growth and success. And your fortunes depend upon the competency, creativity and commitment of your People.

However competitive the playfield, you can ascertain if you are on the right track and moving ahead as long as you are intelligently investing time and effort towards the growth and development of your People


We offer an extensive range of training services. Here is an indicative list of training services offered:


1.ABL (Adventure Based Learning)

One of the ways in which Reality Learning is executed is through Adventure Based Learning Experiences.  Adventure Based Learning Experience is a war simulation scenario drawing from the learning of strategy and tactics applied in military science. Participants in the learning intervention are placed in a highly competitive and uncertain environment where the need is to achieve a pre-determined objective.

Adventure Based Learning Experience uses multiple simulation formats to address differing requirements. For instance, Adventure Based Learning Experience can be designed as a Leadership Program, a Team Building Program, a Management Development Program and even a program designed to develop the Killer Instinct in sales teams. Adventure Based Learning Experience equipment comprises of wireless sets, laptops, maps, compass, and other select equipments.

Adventure Based Learning Experience becomes especially unique as it also captures emotions like disappointment, stress, anger, enthusiasm and joy, apart from skills, to facilitate the process of translating learning into practice.

SIMPLY INDIA HOLIDAYS can help weld colleagues of disparate backgrounds and skills into a powerful team.

2.Training Needs Analysis
Training Needs Analysis identifies the gap between the knowledge, skills and attributes required and those already possessed by employees. It concentrates on focusing needs against business strategy and goals. This level     is the most important because it starts with an assessment of the organization’s strategic direction. Based on the gaps identified, the training solution is created.

3.Instructor Led Training

Instructor Led Training refers to training in classrooms. It refers to facilitation conducted through real time interaction, in-depth information sharing and direct response to questions. Instructor Led Training offers personalized instruction that allows feedback and interaction between the participants and instructors. It is one of the most flexible learning methodologies and accommodates the needs of participants.

4. Business Simulations

Experiential learning forms the basis of Business Simulations. Experiential learning is a key driver of everything we do, and is a distinct point of difference in the marketplace. Experiential learning fosters an environment of accelerated learning through self-discovery and participation.
All Business Simulations enable people to make permanent, effective changes in behavior by understanding the wide range of consequences of their choices and accepting responsibility for them. Powerful learning emerges in debrief when the participant’s experiences are linked to their real-world situations. People see, understand and experience how their own behavior can change to significantly and positively impact their performance back on their job.

5.Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching refers to building on-the-field selling skills resulting in effective and structured sales calls, and hence, improving productivity and performance. The Performance coaches mentor and coach the frontline sales forces in the field. The sales force is also taken through specifically administered classroom modules for enhancing their selling skills.

6.Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing is recognized as a vital component in improving organizational effectiveness through the development of individual, interpersonal and team competencies. A psychometric test is a way of assessing a person's ability or personality in a measured and structured way. Psychometric Testing uses samples of behavior in order to infer generalizations about a given individual. By samples of behavior, one means observations over time of individual performing tasks that have usually been prescribed beforehand.
To understand better the factors that tend to predict best performers, testing can be used to identify common qualities amongst successful employees in a job category, so that those qualities can be looked at and trained for. At NIS Sparta, using tools such as My Selling Skills, My Service Orientation and Insight into Behavior, we undertake profiling for recruitment and people development.


Train-the-Trainer programme is aimed at honing the ability of participants (trainers) to develop and deliver training sessions. This workshop provides participants with a foundation of skills required to be an effective trainer. This programme follows the 'learning by doing' approach and aims at developing the ability to impart effective training sessions.
Uniquely structured to build capability of a budding trainer or strengthening capability of even an experienced trainer, Train-the-Trainer programme equips them with sills such as, managing needs of the participants, handling difficult participants and creating conducive environment, to realize the training objectives.

8.Competency Assessment

With changing business scenario and new challenges emerging in the competitive world, successful performance in any job/ task has taken a critical place, for organizational success. People and their competencies have become the most significant factors that give a competitive edge to any corporation. The future is going to be that of competent people and competency based organizations. Competency mapping is one such process that helps in identifying and mapping competencies required for successful performance in a particular role.
Competency mapping keeps people development strategies and processes in sync with organizational growth & objectives, and maximizing the utilization of human potential. Creating competency based culture and systems in organizations are the need of the hour. This creates a demand for HR professionals to have specialized skills and have a continuous up-gradation of knowledge.

9. Certification: The certificate programme aims at building the competencies of those (HR professionals) who have a role to play in building competency-based organizations.

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