Work at Simply India Holidays


At Simply India Holidays, we create an enabling atmosphere, where employees are able to enhance their core competencies. It is our constant effort to anticipate and exceed every NISian's professional and personal needs and demands. We see it as a journey that is at once challenging and delightful.
We believe that for our employees to deliver the results expected of them, they have to be enablers. Our aim is to increase the employability and productivity of our human capital. With this in mind, we have tried to bring in systems and policies that help us achieve the above. We are strongly committed in our approach to be proactive towards fulfilling the needs of our employees.


Alignment with the organisation

Our aim is to align personal objectives of employees with organisational objectives and culture. The key enabler for alignment is our collective Vision and Mission. Creating and communicating the vision is critical. Thereby, we operate around the theme of ‘Growth for All’


The success of our business is inextricably linked to the commitment of our employees. We believe in a strong internal communications system. The communication channels both informal and formal should be robust. There is great power in harnessing employee information for better decision-making and overall organisational effectiveness. There are two aspects to it: clarity and transparency on one end, and speed on the other

Alignment of policies and systems with employee needs


Our benefit plans are connected with the life cycle of our employees:

  • A special dating allowance is given in February for Valentine’s Day, for all unmarried employees. Our married employees get special allowances on their anniversaries.
  • We offer wedding loans and wedding allowances for employees getting married.
  • Unique schemes for the children of our employees are offered.
  • On birthdays and wedding anniversaries, employees are given a leave of absence to celebrate with their families and loved ones.
  • We believe strongly that for each organisation, connecting with the employees’ families is critical. We often celebrate days to bring the families of our employees together.

Recognising and rewarding performance


Our recognition schemes are both for individuals as well as the teams who meet or exceed their set targets, or perform exceptionally well.
We have a structured scheme in place that recognises and rewards performance on a quarterly, half yearly and annual basis.


Learning and Development initiatives


In the highly dynamic business environment we operate in, it is imperative to cultivate and foster a continuous learning environment. At NIS Sparta, we encourage each employee to continuously Learn and Grow, to empower them to become thought leaders of tomorrow.

  • Instructor-led class room training
  • One-on-one performance coaching, on-the-job training
  • Media based learning - web, video, audio, broadband
  • Psychometric tool based learning
  • Self-paced learning
  • Outbound training
Group facilitation in workshop mode